The original Fabio was born in 2015 from a need we had to input lots of similar EXPENSE and MILEAGE records into FreeAgent and the frustration of doing it all one-by-one interactively.  In 2018, taking on board all user feedback and experience to date, Fabio2 was launched.  Fabio2 supports the following record types: EXPENSES, CONTACTS, PROJECTS, TASKS, TIMESLIPS, BILL and INVOICES, which can be added, exported and deleted in bulk.

Fabio works by reading your accounting records, defined in a simple CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, and pushing them into your FreeAgent account through FreeAgent’s trusted application interface.

Fabio’s CSV input file can be prepared by hand in a text editor or spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. You may also be able to “massage” a file export from another accounting program into Fabio’s input file format for upload to FreeAgent – Fabio has been designed to help you do that.

Example Fabio datafiles for download and User Guide (with all the record formats and attributes supported) can be found in the Docs section.

Getting Started

  1. Launch Fabio from this site’s homepage.
  2. Register your new account.
  3. Trial Fabio (perhaps using example datafiles provided in Docs)
  4. Order your chosen subscription here 
  5. Activate your subscription, with the key you’ll receive automatically by email when the order is processed, using the “Upgrade” button (from the top-right menu, when logged into Fabio).
  6. That’s it!