Pricing – Personal

If you’re only needing to manage TASKS, TIMESLIPS or EXPENSES in bulk, then this PERSONAL class is sufficient for you.

But, if you need manage all record types (eg. Including INVOICES, BILLS, JOURNALS, etc), you’ll need a Fabio Business Class account.

£9.00 once
250 credits
365 days validity
One payment only. PAYG
£3.50 per month
Rolling validity
Monthly payment + £5.50 Setup

One Transaction Credit is used to ADD or DELETE one TIMESLIP, TASK or EXPENSE in FreeAgent. 

When your initial order is fulfilled, you will automatically receive a licence key, with 250 credits, valid for 1 year. You can apply this key immediately within Fabio.

Optionally, you can then subscribe, on a monthly recurring basis, for UMLIMITED processing (of TASKS, TIMESLIPS or EXPENSES). We will unlock this unlimited processing, when we receive notice your mandate is setup.

No VAT is charged on Fabio purchases.