Performance Advantage!

So how much time will you save using Fabio!? With 50 typical expense records, in an arbitrary spreadsheet, we transcribed them interactively into FreeAgent (left window). While, in the right window, we reformatted the sheet for Fabio and uploaded with a single click. Regardless of file size, conversion takes about 2 mins of your time, then 1 second per record for Fabio to upload. For just 50 expenses, interactive input took nearly 25 mins. Imagine if you had 200 records to input!? 1hr 40 mins vs 2 mins of your time when using Fabio!

ps. We used all the keyboard shortcuts we knew of for interactive input – tabbing between cells, keyboard selection in drop-down menus, etc. We weren’t trying to be deliberately slow! Even the odd typo, then corrected, was real.

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