BILL::ADD update this weekend.

You need to insert “item::” before “category“, and “total_value“, “sales_tax_rate” or “manual_sales_tax_amount” and add “item::description” for BILL creation from Saturday, 30 Oct 2021!

Longer version:

FreeAgent are currently working on a sizeable update to provide multi-line BILLs (in a similar way to how Invoices are done today), which should be available “sometime in Q1 2022”.

However, in preparation for this new capabilty, there are a few tweaks being made in FreeAgent’s engine room, which will also manifest in Fabio.

The effects on Fabio are:

  • A BILL’s “category“, “total_value“, “sales_tax_rate” and “manual_sales_tax_amount“, will need the “item::” prefix in Fabio, as they are specific to each line item (even if only one line item is supported for now).
  • If “sales_tax_rate” or “manual_sales_tax_amount” is NOT specified, then 0% (Zero!) tax will be used (similiar behavior to Invoices). Be warned!
  • A new mandatory field “item::description” is introduced (just as it exists in Invoices). However, those descriptions will not yet be visible to Users in FreeAgent (they will still be stored in FreeAgent’s internal database though, and will appear once the whole multi-line BILL functionality rolls out in Q1 2022 – so try to avoid writing “asdf” or “blah” as a bill description).

This update to Fabio will be deployed on SATURDAY morning, 30 Oct 2021, starting 9am.

Updated User Guide:

Any questions, just ask.

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