BILL tax handling improvements

You can now specify a BILL’s VAT rate, or VAT value, or (rather excitingly) leave both blank and FreeAgent will work it out. If you’ve already migrated to the new BILL format, there’s no need to change anything (but these new enhancements are more elegant). Recurring BILLs are also supported in this update.

Longer version:

You can now specify either tax RATE (item::sales_tax_rate), OR tax AMOUNT (item::manual_sales_tax_amount), OR leave both fields blank and let FreeAgent determine the tax rate based on the item’s accounting CATEGORY (item::category).

If BOTH tax fields (item::sales_tax_rate AND item::manual_sales_tax_amount) are populated, only the tax amount is used. Empty fields don’t cause problems either.

We will deploy this update on Sun 02 JAN 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00.

Updated User Guide:

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