ACCOUNTANTS  – If you’re using a FreeAgent Practice Dashboard to manage your clients, you must use an Accountancy Class account in Fabio – it won’t work without it.

30 credits*
30 days validity
No charge. Have a go!
50 credits
365 days validity
One payment only
250 credits
365 days validity
One payment only
1,000 credits
365 days validity
One payment only
30 days validity
One payment only

* Trial Users are limited to 5 transactions per file.

One Transaction “Credit” is used to ADD or DELETE one record in FreeAgent.  A single Invoice, with many line items, or a single Journal Set, with many journal entries, is still treated as one record, and consumes just one credit.

PAYG Credits have a “validity period“.  When that period ends, any unused Transaction Credits will expire.  However, adding more Transaction Credits, while you still have unused Credits available, will carry over those unused Transaction Credits into the validity period of the new Credits.

If you’re only needing to manage TASKS, TIMESLIPS or EXPENSES, then a Fabio Personal Class account is sufficient.

No VAT is charged on Fabio purchases.